About Norton Insurance Agency

Based in Cheraw, South Carolina, Norton Insurance Company prides itself on being one of the best full-service insurance companies in the area.

The prominent company offers a wide variety of coverage options for

Led by Corbin Norton, there are few companies that compare to Norton Insurance Agency.

Our Story

Norton Insurance Agency started with very humble beginnings in Cheraw, South Carolina, by Corbin Norton. A native of the area, he has many years of experience in various industries.

After obtaining his Property & Casualty license, he started Norton Insurance Agency to offer clients the best insurance products possible. Today, the company is slowly being recognized as a top insurance agency in the area. Many online reviewers stated that they were extremely proud of the service that they received at Norton Insurance Agency.

There is no doubt that Norton’s extensive range of experience has greatly contributed to his rapid entrepreneurial success. He has worked in EMS for several years, and he has helped run Sandhills Ambulance Service, Inc. In addition, he has been affiliated with the NETC alumni association. He also has many years of experience in the transportation and insurance industries.

Corbin Norton has also received his Life & Health license. He has even been successful at promoting Life & Health products.

From working in EMS to selling Life & Health products, Norton’s wide range of impressive experience definitely led him to create a successful insurance agency known as Norton Insurance Agency.

Although Norton has always been a hard-worker, he finds time to relax. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful family, attending Fairview Baptist Church, reading interesting books, watching a good movie, and grilling delicious food. He especially finds joy in the simple things of life such as chasing his two-year-old girl around. Many times, it seems like she can run faster than him.

Norton is also a huge University of South Carolina fan. Go Gamecocks!

Norton Insurance Agency At A Glance

Our first class coverage options provide peace of mind for many different clients in Cheraw, South Carolina. Just think of our insurance policies as a safety net when things don’t go your way. Although you won’t know when you need to use your insurance, it’s always a great idea to have it.

Norton Insurance Agency provides excellent coverage solutions for restaurants, hair salons, funeral homes, photography businesses, and much more. In addition, we offer everyday people protection from unpredictable life events.

Our primary goal is to provide these coverage solutions at extremely affordable costs. We always strive to find the best price for your budget.

A quote can be provided on any coverage option. Just give us a call today to get started. We will offer you the best coverage for your unique business or personal needs.

We proudly serve individuals and businesses in Cheraw, South Carolina.

Norton Insurance Agency: A Leader in the Field

At Norton Insurance Agency, people matter, and they are our number one priority. Our noteworthy company has successfully built its business by establishing trust with many clients. We strongly believe that relationships are important, so we always go above and beyond to get to know our clients better.

Our top notch coverage options and evolving business practices are not only providing a lot of protection for consumers, they are also preparing our clients for a bright future. As a result, Norton Insurance Agency is recognized as a true leader in the insurance industry.

Thank you for considering doing business with Norton Insurance Agency. We can’t wait to work with you very soon.

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