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With so many vehicles on South Carolina roads, it is not surprising that accidents happen. Automobile accidents are expensive, especially if people get hurt. Having car insurance is one way to avoid unnecessary expenses. Car insurance protects you from fines, medical expenses, and the cost property damage. It can provide you with peace of mind as you drive.

Automobile Insurance Protects You from Financial Liability

Every year, the National Safety Council calculates the total cost of motor vehicle accidents in the United States. On average, each death in a motor vehicle accident costs $1.13 million. Non-fatal disabling injuries cost around $61,000. The average cost for property damage in a crash is around $7,500.

These figures are staggering. Ask yourself, can you afford to pay for these types of damages in an accident? If not, having automobile insurance will take care of the expenses involved in repairing and replacing damaged vehicles. Auto insurance covers medical costs for you, your passengers, and the passengers in the other vehicle. There’s no reason to put yourself at risk for being sued when you can have automobile insurance protect you.

Having Automobile Insurance Is the Law

South Carolina state law requires that drivers carry a minimum car insurance. The bare minimum requirement for South Carolina is $25,000/$50,000 bodily injuries, plus $25,000 property damage liability. You will need to have a minimum of $25,000/$50,000 uninsured motorists bodily injury and $25,000 with a $200 deductible for uninsured motorist property damage.

South Carolina does not require you to have extra coverage, such as personal injury protection. However, if you own property or if you own other valuable assets, having more than the minimum requirements for car insurance can protect you from future monetary loss.

South Carolina requires drivers to carry proof of insurance in their vehicle and show this to a law enforcement officer if they ask to see it. Failure to do this can lead to fines, suspension of your registration, and suspension of your driver’s license.

Automobile Insurance Offers Freedom from Worry

When you have car insurance, you can drive confidently in South Carolina without worrying. Auto insurance is something that you have but hope that you never need to use. When a situation arises that requires you to use automobile insurance, you will be happy that you have it and that you have sufficient coverage for your needs.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

When you purchase automobile insurance, you are creating a contract between yourself and the insurance company. This contract protects you from financial loss if and when an accident or theft occurs.

In exchange for this protection, you pay a premium on a monthly or annual basis. The insurance company agrees that they will pay your losses based on what is laid out in the policy.

Car insurance provides coverage for:

  • Liability – This is your legal responsibility to another person for property damage or bodily injury
  • Medical – This is the cost of rehabilitation, treating injuries, and possibly funeral expenses and lost wages
  • Property – This includes damage or theft to your vehicle or damage to another person’s vehicle

Car insurance coverage is priced à la carte. This permits you to create customized coverage based on your individual needs and your budget. Most policies are issued for six months or one year. After that time, you can choose to renew the policy or cancel it. We send our customers notice when it’s time for them to renew the policy or pay their premium.

Most liability insurance policies do not cover damages to your own vehicle. To cover your own vehicle, you will need to purchase optional coverage, including:

  • Collision – This type of insurance reimburses you for damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle or object, even when you are at fault
  • Comprehensive – This offers coverage against the damage, theft, and other incidents, including floods, vandalism, falling rocks, and asteroids
  • Glass coverage provides coverage from damage to your windshield. Many auto policies have no deductible glass coverage, which can protect your sunroof, your rear window, and your side windows. You have the option to purchase supplemental glass coverage

As you can see, there are a number of insurance options available for protecting your vehicle. At Nortin Insurance Agency, we are committed to providing our clients with the best coverage options for their home, business, automobile, life, and farm.

Our mission continues to be to build relationships with our clients based on trust. Our goal is not to simply sell expensive insurance policies but to provide you with the best coverage for your unique needs.

We are happy to provide full-service insurance services to our fellow residents in Cheraw, South Carolina. We look forward to working with you.

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